We were international students once, too.

Studying abroad is exciting enough without worrying about the application details! That stress doesn’t need to be on your shoulders. We are real people focused on making sure you get the education experience you deserve. We help you with the extra work so you can spend less time getting there, and more time being there.

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Applying and managing your applications with ease

Thousands of study options are accessible on our platform with a seamless application process. Manage and get updates about your applications stress-free.


Scholarship hunting

Gain access to our curated list of scholarships and detailed information to get a head start on your research in finding the best find and maximize your chance of qualifying for grants. Check out our tutorials on how to start your scholarship hunt!


Applying for a visa online

Your Visa application can now be handled and submitted online via Study Guide now. Our visa specialists can help you out anytime, everywhere!


Improving your English and taking international tests with us

Improve your English with our online courses and tests (i.e, IELTS, iTEP, etc.). Acing university language tests are now easier than ever.


Other comprehensive support

Looking for accommodation while studying abroad? Need a sim card? Considering a student loan? Wondering what jobs you will get after graduation? Whatever your questions are, we got your answers here.

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About us

Our founders have been in the education industry for over 17 years, but we started out as international students too! Through those experiences, we identified key gaps in services for students and institutions, and in 2018, we bridged those gaps. We started connecting international students wanting to study abroad with schools. We quickly realized the strength of our platform and services and set our focus internationally. We can make the process better for everyone, and help international students from all over the world have the experience they deserve: easy, fast, painless, and most importantly — rewarding.

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