A parent cried upon hearing of the 2+2 articulation program between UFM and Thompson Rivers University in Canada

At the outset of the new school year, a meeting was held on October 22, 2023 between the heads of the University of Finance and Marketing (Vietnam), all parents, and students of the international cooperation program of the same university.

The meeting included a 2+2 joint program with Thompson Rivers University (Canada), an on-site training program with Help University (Malaysia), and a UCSI program. This meeting was a great, successful, and memorable session for all the participants. In particular, while the Study Guide representatives were apprising the audience about the benefits for the students joining the articulation program and studying in Canada, one of the mothers started shedding tears surprisingly saying that she wished that she could have known this program earlier. 

I regret not having discovered this program earlier

While sharing her reason for crying, the mother of a student at UFM said that her husband and she always struggled and endeavored their best to avail the best academic opportunities for their children, but the recent pandemic adversely affected their business and they almost lost everything. Consequently, they both went bankrupt and were unable to afford their children’s study abroad. This articulation program was an extremely great opportunity for her dream of overseas studies for her children to come true and settling in Canada with the budget they can still afford. 

Vietnam and Canada have collaborated on their first joint program

In 2020, the 2 + 2 articulation program between UFM and TRU was initiated through the collaboration of Study Guide Consulting Inc., a Canadian Edtech group that excels in building international articulation programs, digitalizing education, and business management services. With 50-70 student participants, this was the first program jointly organized by the Vietnamese public school and a leading Canadian school, and it was great success.  

Studying in Canada can be a great stepping stone for international students

This articulation program has scientifically been organized by two esteemed universities of Vietnam and Canada equipped with advanced, updated programs and with sophisticated learning environments, being taught by a team of experienced mentors from both institutes, with many of them being international graduates. The assessment of the program is based on relative entry criteria.    

I can hardly believe that my child is fulfilling his dream of studying abroad and living in Canada

The students participating in this articulation session will be given an opportunity to study in Vietnam for 2-3 years initially at a funded cost of 60 million VND a year. Subsequently, they will be transferred to Canada for another 2 years with a tuition fee of CAD 20,800 per year and CAD 11,000 for accommodation. The parents shared that they cannot believe that in this ginormous investment of $1.2-$1.5 billion VND for the whole program, their children can have an equal opportunity that other international students can only enjoy with 3-4 times higher costs.

It's important to note that participating in the program has benefits beyond just cost savings

Besides their excellent education in this joint program pioneered by two leading institutes, the international students can have various other potential opportunities. One is the high chance of getting a visa extension for the third-year study. The collaboration between the two schools has been published on their websites and is being acknowledged by the Canadian consulate. While applying for a study permit abroad under this program, the visa approval rate is comparatively higher than the traditional visas for overseas study programs. Until now the program’s visa approval rate is 100%. Moreover, the students in this program receive complete bits of advice regarding preparation, career opportunities, post-graduation settlements, and even Study Guide and its subsidiaries’ internships. This is a huge advantage to the fully prepared students under this program to become competent and become part of a challenging Canadian professional working environment after their graduation.

I want to provide opportunities for students worldwide to study abroad, including those from Vietnam

UFM representatives have expressed their pride in the programs they have developed, including a joint program with Thompson Rivers University, Help University, and UCSI. However, UFM's goal is not only to offer Vietnamese students studying abroad opportunities but also to create an educational and cultural exchange environment in Vietnam. The articulation program is open to international students, including those studying in Canada, who are welcome to come to Vietnam for their studies.


Yes, we can do it!

Study Guide has always expressed its support for UFM and other schools in Vietnam that aim to establish international articulation, and academic exchange programs, or digitize their education and training. Study Guide is the pioneer in digitalization, both in terms of technical platforms and training content franchised by leading universities. With an advantage in this field, Study Guide firmly believes that educational and cultural exchange in Vietnamese schools or on Vietnamese platforms is no longer a dream or a plan, but a reality that is happening right now.  

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