What are the Benefits Extended by Canada to International Students?

Being a temporary resident in Canada means that you get to contribute to the government by having your share in tax payments and other means. But did you ever wonder what an international student in Canada gets in return from the government and its private sectors?

They say that living in Canada is expensive especially if you are an international student. But because Canada tops the list of the 2021 Best Countries Report in terms of quality of life, social purpose, adventure, agility, cultural Influence, entrepreneurship, heritage, political and individual freedom, many people are enticed to come to this country and start their journey as an international student.

What are the Benefits Extended by Canada to International Students?

1. Access to Universal Public Health System

In Canada, the universal public health system is not exclusive to its permanent residents and citizens. Temporary residents such as international students can also have access to the country’s healthcare system. However, there’s a monthly fee amounting to 75 Canadian dollars to be settled for this which is still not bad as compared to getting a private healthcare insurance provider. You must enroll in this as early as possible as registration activation can take up to three months. Make sure that you also have a private insurance while waiting for the activation of your enrollment to the country’s public healthcare coverage for your own peace of mind and protection. 

2. Waived Bank Charges

Almost all the major banks in Canada have special offer for international students and newcomers. Some of the features of this offer include waived bank charges, no minimum balance required to maintain the account, no monthly fees, unlimited money transfer and referral bonus. Some banks even grant credit cards with a limited limit to international students. Having a savings account is important because wages are usually deposited here while credit card is also important to start building your credit score early. Your credit score will matter in the even that you would need to take out a loan like when buying a car. 

3. Free Education for K-12

If you are bringing along your family with you, they can benefit from the free education in Canada for K-12 levels. You just need to get in touch with your school district and they will assign your catchment school based on your address thus a proof of address will be required from you. The catchment school is usually the one nearest your residence so it will not take a lot of time going to school. 

4. Canada Child Benefit

One thing that’s great with Canada is that they extend the child benefit even to temporary residents and this include international students and wok permit holders. Temporary residents are qualified for a child benefit for every child under the age of 18 who are under their care. To qualify, you must be living with the child, and you are the primary responsible as their caregiver. In Canada’s legislation, the female parent is the primary responsible parent and therefore should be the one to apply for child benefit. However, if this is not the case, the other parent should just submit a signed letter. You must also be residents of Canada for the last 18 months to qualify for this. The amount will vary depending on a number of factors such as the family’s income and there is a calculator that can be found in Canada’s official government website.

5. Unlimited Travel Pass

In some parts of Canada, a special rate is extended for unlimited access to commuting services. In BC, Universal pass or U-pass gives students an exclusive rate which is usually included in their tuition fee. This enables them to use unlimited use of public transport within the Metro Vancouver region. The same service is also available in other parts of Canada. This gives the student a lot of savings because a single use of a bus alone could cost up to 3 Canadian dollars already. With this, students need not to worry about their commute going to school or going to work. 

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