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What You Can Expect Living at Dixie

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    Established in 1911 and built on the site of the first pioneer encampment in St. George, Utah, Dixie State University offers an affordable education in a fantastic climate amid the picturesque setting of Washington Countys red rocks. As the 47th university on Money magazines list of Best Places to Live in the U.S., Dixie State University is dedicated to providing joyful and affordable on-campus living to both domestic and international students. Would you enjoy 300 average days of sunshine? Living in Dixie State Universitys campus at St. George, Utah will fulfill your dream!

    Multiple On-campus Housing Choices
    Dixie State Universitys On-campus Housing includes both single student and family student housing living units. Various styles with a different location, services, and affordability, are available to students:
    On-campus Housing Type Price - Shared Price - Private
    Abby Apartments Apartment Style Units $1450 / Semester $1800 / Semester
    Campus View Suites Suite Style Units $1749 /Semester $2499 /Semester
    Campus View Suites II Suite Style Units $1850 /Semester $2650 /Semester
    Chancellor Apartments Apartment Style Units $1550 / Semester $1900 / Semester
    Nisson’s suite Traditional Sleep/Study Units $900 / Semester $1325 / Semester

    Would you like to have a preview” of on-campus housing? Check this virtual tour for more information.

    Safe Living Environment and Wellness
    As one of the Top 50 safest campuses in the U.S., Dixie State Universitys single student housing is staffed by live-in Resident Assistants (RA) and Resident Managers (RM). Both RA and RM will play an important role in keeping on-campus safe. The regular routine is that Resident Assistants walk around on-campus housing facilities and report any suspicious behavior. Sometimes, they might also chat with students and the happenings in on-campus housing! Live-in staff also carry an after-hours duty phone that students may call if they need assistance when the Housing Office is closed.

    Various On-campus Student Activities
    By living on-campus, students will have the time and opportunity to experience Dixie State Universitys student events and activities.
    • Enjoying sports
    Intramural sports and activities are a fun way to get involved on campus. Compete against other students in various sports and activities, including flag football, basketball, softball, sand volleyball, soccer, pool, ping pong, video games, and more. Intramural sports are a great way to meet new people, stay active and have fun while attending Dixie State University.
    • Making friends at the community
    Living on-campus gives students a great opportunity to get to know others. Becoming acquainted with the community is not only a way to have fun but also a way to make some new friends among residents. Students will have a much more rewarding experience by making meaningful connections within the community.

    Interested in starting your study journey at Dixie State University? You can create a free account at Global Study Guide, keep an eye out for more information about student life, programs, and international student support, and even apply today!
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