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The Best Reasons Why Study in Australia in 2022

Australia finally reopens its borders to international students after closing its borders last May 2021. It's time to revisit your plan to study in the "Land Down Under"!

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    After closing its borders for seven months and the scare posed by the Covid-19 Omicron variant, Australia is finally welcoming back international students without restrictions. Aside from having reputable universities, high-quality education, and world-class infrastructure, let us revisit why the “Land Down Under” is still one of the top worldwide destinations for international students.
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    1. Cultural Diversity

    Australia is one of the highly diverse, culturally accepting, English-speaking countries in the world. It has predominantly attracted international students from its neighboring countries in the Asia Pacific region with China, Japan, and Vietnam as its top three student nationalities due to its proximity. The laid-back culture of the nation has also been one of its charms to foreign students.
    1. Great Outdoors

    The country has always been famous for its wildlife and nature. With a lot of places to visit and explore, foreign students will enjoy their stay while studying. There is also a wide variety of outdoor activities to experience such as surfing, sky diving, hiking, diving, climbing, or just basking in the sun. There is definitely something that one could enjoy.
    1. Pleasant Weather

    Famous for its beaches and summer season, Australia actually enjoys all four seasons in a year. While the northern countries enjoy their winters in December, Australia enjoys its sunny, beautiful beaches at this time of the year and has its winter from June to August. Although snow may be a rare sight in the country, its winters could be frosty, with temperatures as low as 3°C to 5°C.
    1. Work Opportunities after Graduation

    International students who have completed their programs from an Australian university can live, study, and work in the country through the Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485). Graduates can apply for this visa and be allowed to stay and work in the country from two to four years, which enables them to gain the work experience they can use should they want to pursue permanent residency.
    1. Chance at Permanent Residency

    The Australian government has its immigration program called SkillSelect where applicants aspiring to migrate to the country will be assessed based on their skill set as opposed to the current need of the labor market of the country. Since graduates from Australian post-secondary institutions are eligible to work under the Temporary Graduate Visa, this boosts their chances in their skill assessment.

    These are just some reasons why Australia has retained its prime spot in attracting international students. If you are one of those who have parked your plans of studying in this beautiful country because of the pandemic, now is a good time to reconsider your plan. With a lot of uncertainties in this trying time, some students may find it overwhelming to even start their journey.

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