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Best Winning Tactics To Secure A Part-time Job In Canada

If you are one of the international students who opt to work part-time while studying, this is a great page for you!

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    Let’s assume that you have finally arrived in Canada as an international student. Congratulations! You are now ready to take on the next steps of your journey.  If you are one of the international students who opt to work part-time while studying, this is a great page for you.  After securing all the requirements you need as a part-time worker, you are now ready to dive into the job hunt. The next question is – where do you start looking?

    Below are three methods that you can use in your job search.
    1. Online Job Hunt

    This should be your first stop in your job hunt. Why? Searching for jobs online allows you to make multiple applications in a short period. You just create an online account on the respective job search site, put in your qualifications and skills, upload your resume, and you are welcomed to hundreds to thousands of job openings posted by companies.

    Applying online is also the least costly for you. As an international student, it is pretty much standard to assume that you have a computer and an internet connection. No need to print resumes, thus, no cost for you.

    There are three online websites you should really study:study and work in canada
    • Indeed.caThis is one of Canada’s major job portals. The filters to limit your search are very helpful. You can search based on the location, the job type, the industry, the salary, and the proximity of the job to your location.
    • Facebook Jobs Facebook has a category for jobs where the openings are posted. The cool feature of Facebook Jobs is that it shows the jobs near you. Also, with Facebook’s algorithm, you will get notified of future job openings similar to what you have previously applied for.
    • LinkedInStill one of the most reputable job search sites, LinkedIn is a great way to connect to recruiters, job hunters, and direct employers alike. Creating an optimal profile is the key to succeed in the LinkedIn job search.
    1. Applying In-Person

    Going “old school” in a job application is not a bad idea. It may be frowned upon by others but for most part-time work available to students, applying in-person and going in the establishment and asking if they are hiring could work. Remember to keep your eyes open for these opportunities!

    Establishments such as restaurants, bakeries, and retail shops in malls still post a physical sign on their storefront when they need extra hands in their operations. With the proper decorum, be confident to ask the manager or anyone from the store about the hiring sign and the requirements for the position. Don’t be shy to ask! It would be handy if you have a printed resume in your bag in these instances, but some stores would refer you to their websites to submit your resumes online. Nonetheless, you have gained the advantage of being known to the store management.
    1. Referrals or Networking

    This may be the most challenging to international students who do not have any connections to the country or province. If you have friends or families to refer you to their workplace, that is great! For others, you will need to put in the effort to go out there and connect to people. Joining communities, connecting with your classmates, and even talking to your neighbors may give you the leads to your first job.

    If you feel that you are now informed on how to find that first job, go ahead and use all these methods to increase your chances of getting that job! To know more about what jobs international students do, read "2 Simple Ways For Students to Earn in Canada".  

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