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Make Your Way To Canada: What Everyone Should Know Now

If you are wondering how you could make your way to Canada, you have landed on the right page for the answer.

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    Studying in Canada is one of the fastest ways for you to move to the country and take advantage of the different immigration programs designed for international students. Most international students get their student visas in less than a year. Although the Study Permit processing times vary per country, for some cases in Canada, it could be as fast as one month!

    Invest in Your Future
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    Cost is always a major consideration for students and parents. However, with a proper perspective, this cost may be seen as one of the major investments in your future. Investing in a Canadian education not only boosts your competitive advantage in the Canadian job market once you graduate, but it also opens one of the most rewarding benefits for international students: the opportunity to migrate to Canada. There are lots of ways you can obtain the coveted Permanent Residency (PR); but for some people who have no families or ties in the country, one of the ways to achieve the PR status is through studying in Canada. Discover how a Filipino international student did it in "Make Your Canadian Dream Reality: A True Story" 

    Immigration Pathways

    The Canadian federal government has a specific program for international students in Canada to lead them to secure Permanent Residency status. The Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP) allows international students to have one to three years of work permit that would enable them to gain the Canadian experience needed for them to be eligible for Canada’s most popular immigration program - the Express Entry. To learn more about PGWPP or PGWP, see “How to Apply for PGWP Like A Pro - 2022 Update". Provinces in Canada have specialized immigration programs for international students who have completed their Canadian degrees. Knowing which provinces offer such programs gives you a huge advantage in deciding which school to choose for your studies. International education experts, such as Global Study Guide, ensure you that you will be properly guided in this life-changing decision, easing the anxiety of exploring your options, undergoing the application, and preparing for your student life in Canada.


    Finding the Right Education Partner 

    Global Study Guide is affiliated with several schools all over Canada, ranging from colleges to universities. These schools come from different provinces and cater to diverse academic programs. Whether you are opting to pursue an undergraduate diploma, a graduate program, or even a Ph.D. program, Global Study Guide can help you find the right school to fit your needs. With proven years of experience in guiding international students around the world, you are certain that Global Study Guide will give you accurate and quality information needed in your planning for successful student life.

    About the educator
    Global Study Guide was created by international students for international students. We are a social network, and we’re here to help you find the right school and program and help you get there! We think it’s important to show you the correct, fact-checked information, and make it simple to communicate with the people who know the schools best.