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E-LEAD - A Series of Webinars and Follow-up Events to Empower Filipino International Students

E-LEAD Episodes offer the ultimate guidance and support for Filipino students who want to prepare for a fulfilling experience and life abroad.

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    E-LEAD is a series of webinars and follow-up events created for Filipino students who aspire to study abroad. There are one to two episodes of E-LEAD happening each month featuring guest speakers who offer insights, guidance, and advice for the four key aspects that will determine your success as an international student.

    1. A study program that will translate to a real career in Canada and the US  
    2. A roadmap for your study abroad journey that truly considers your long-term prospects in the destination country
    3. A community of peers, professionals, advisors, and helpers who are willing to give you guidance before, during, and after your study  
    4. Real-life advice and strategy for your job search in Canada and the US

    Produced by the experienced team behind Global Study Guide, E-LEAD is the ultimate knowledge, support, and network that will help any Filipino fulfill his purpose and experience while studying in Canada and the US.

    What is up next?
    E-LEAD Episode 4

    • How to Successfully Migrate to Canada via Student Visa
    • Venue: Online - Mighty ID
    • Date & Time: September 25th @ 10 AM Philippine Time

    This event will be packed with information and clear-cut advice for those who plan to study and settle in Canada in 2022.

    To sign up for the event, kindly click HERE



    About the educator
    Global Study Guide was created by international students for international students. We are a social network, and we’re here to help you find the right school and program and help you get there! We think it’s important to show you the correct, fact-checked information, and make it simple to communicate with the people who know the schools best.