5 Reasons Why International Students Must Choose Canada Now

A lot of countries are offering programs for international students and to help students decide, listed below are the reasons why students must act now and start their educational journey in Canada.

1. Canada Will Welcome More Immigrants

Canada just released their immigration plan for the next three years and it will be the highest number of all time. The target number of new immigrants is 465, 000 in 2023 and it will further be increased to 485,000 in 2024 and 500,000 in 2025. 

International students will have a good chance of being included in the country’s new set of immigrants. This is because additional points for Express Entry Program can be acquired through the completion of a Canadian education and work experience. 

2. Cultural Diversity and Inclusion

Canada is known to be a very culturally diverse country. The country’s first settlers are believed to be the French and British people. Aside from these, the country is also composed of Chinese, Southeast Asians, Indians and South Asian and people from other parts of the world such as Africa and South and Central America. Majority of the people in Canada speaks at least two languages and other cultural events such as India’s Diwali festival are also observed in this country. Because of this, Canada feels like a second home to many. 

Even if it is multi-cultural, Canada is a very inclusive country. The government and other advocates initiate anti-racism efforts so that people especially those from other parts of the world will feel safe and will have a sense of belongingness. 

3. World Class Quality of Education

There’s a wide variety of options for colleges and universities around the world but Canada offers one of the best in terms of the quality of education. Several Canadian universities are included in the Top 200 Universities in the World according to UniRank and this includes University of Toronto and University of British Columbia to name a few. Some unique programs are also offered in some colleges and universities in Canada such as Music Therapy in Acadia University and Brewing and Brewery Operations in Kwantlen Polytechnic University. 

Scholarships are also available which international students could take advantage of. Comparing with other countries such as UK and Australia, some programs are also more affordable in Canada such as the Business Management Diploma in University of Victoria which is only around 16,500 Canadian dollars according to the school’s website.  

4. Easy Process for Study Permit

The process for acquiring study permit is very simple and could be done online. All the requirements needed are also easy to secure. Generally, the documents needed are the proof of acceptance from school, proof of identity and proof of financial support. The processing time varies and could take up to three months or longer. 

5. Post Graduate Employment Opportunities

Getting a Canadian education will definitely level up the student’s qualifications since it is recognized globally. This will ensure a foreseeable excellent return on investment through better chances of getting a good employment for the student.

An international student can take advantage of the privilege of being granted a post graduate work permit after the completion of the program. Right now, Canada is faced with labor shortages and this means that there are a lot of work opportunities in Canada right now and in the coming years. 

But time is of the essence, so it is important to start the process immediately and accurately. The usual school intakes happen on January, May and September and students should plan as early as one year before the desired intake schedule. 

To help you plan your Canadian dream, Global Study Guide have dedicated specialists who can help you save time and guide you with the process from beginning to end. 

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