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University of Northern British Columbia

University of Northern British Columbia

Address: Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
School Category: University
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UNBC is a research university located in northern British Columbia specifically in Prince George, with campuses in some surrounding areas as well. The school is highly ranked, though it also considers itself a “small” university, with small class sizes. UNBC is known for its health science programs, its physical science programs, and arts and social science programs. However, UNBC offers many more programs at the undergrad and graduate levels.


The university has many supports for its students, including housing, financial funding (one in four students receives a financial award!), advising, and counseling. UNBC also has great support for international students, including the uTREK program — see below for details. It also bears the tagline “Canada’s Green University” for its campus-wide efforts at sustainability and environmental activism.


UNBC is located in Prince George, which is the largest city in northern British Columbia, known for its wonderful green space and sunny days. Prince George has a population of 74,000, and there is residential housing available on campus.



High-Ranking Small University

The University of Northern British Columbia is ranked by Times Higher Education within the top 5% of post-secondary institutions in the world, and it is the only Canadian university of its size to be included in its rank group. UNBC scores well in Mclean’s magazine rankings of student awards, mental health services, and student to faculty ratio. In fact, for every 8 students, there is one faculty member, ensuring students get the support they deserve. Research Infosource lists UNBC within the top 50 research universities in Canada.


Mental Health Advocacy

Ranking high on mental health services for students, UNBC considered the health and safety of its attendees to be an utmost priority. The university's dedicated wellness center includes counseling and health services, and school supports include the First Nations center, academic advising, career center, LGBT pride center, and interfaith chaplaincy.

International Support

UNBC has dedicated support for international students, including guidelines for obtaining a study permit,  help finding an agent, how to apply, and how to prepare once accepted. Students have access to support in academic success and difficulties and are also automatically enrolled in health insurance (MSP).



The following includes some examples of programs; the list is not exhaustive:


  • uTREK
    • uTREK program allows international students to take three semesters of courses with credit towards their undergraduate degree, while also studying to improve English and academic skills.
  • Bachelors of Art
    • Majors in anthropology, global and international studies, history, political science, etc.
    • Joint majors such as economics/global and international studies, English/women’s studies, etc
  • Bachelors of Science
    • Majors in biology, computer science, environmental science, mathematics and statistics, physics
    • Joint majors such as economics/mathematics, computer science/physics,
  • Bachelors of Health Sciences
    • Biomedical studies, community, and population health
  • Bachelors of Commerce
    • Finance, international business, human resources management
  • Social Work certificate program
  • Nursing certificate program


  • Masters of Business Administration
  • Masters of Development Economics
  • Masters of Science in (Mathematics, Biochemistry, geography, etc.)
  • Ph.D. Health Sciences



International students’ undergraduate fees are typically around CAD 2,858.65 per course (CAD 1,379.99 per credit), including tuition, fees, medical insurance, and other ancillary fees. This means that typically one semester will be CAD 11,732.71 (taking five courses).

Graduate and Ph.D. degree fees vary more, with the MBA coming to around CAD 8,160.00 per semester for example.


One in four students at UNBC receives an academic award. View the process for scholarship applications here