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2 Simple Ways For Students To Earn In Canada

Learn about the ways international students can work and earn money while they are studying plus the list of popular jobs for international students.

The Ultimate Guide To Start Your Study In Canada - 2022 Updated

This three-step process will provide an overview of how to begin your study in Canada journey!

Know It All: Nursing In Canada And In The Philippines

Have a nursing background in the Philippines and want to know what it is like to be a nurse in Canada? This article will unpack the different aspects of practicing nursing in the Philippines and in Ca...

BICC Talent Scholarships 2021

Learn about the various Talent Scholarships offered by BICC and achieve your academic dreams while also honing your talents in one of the most prestigious high schools in Ontario.

BICC Academic Scholarship Policy 2021

Birmingham International Collegiate of Canada is proud to be one of the first prestigious Canadian education organizations providing scholarship award programs for excellent students all over the worl...

E-LEAD Resources: Student-to-Permanent Resident Pathway to Albert...

Interested to take the Student-to-Permanent Resident (PR) pathway to migrate to Canada? Read this article for the detailed steps to take, tips, and relevant links for application.

E-LEAD - A Series of Webinars and Follow-up Events to Empower Fil...

E-LEAD Episodes offer the ultimate guidance and support for Filipino students who want to prepare for a fulfilling experience and life abroad.

Top 5 High Paying and In-demand Jobs in Canada

Deciding which program to pursue? In case you would like to weigh in salary and job prospects in conjunction with interest, here is an article backed with data and research from the Government of Cana...

All You Need To Know: Living Cost In Canada

In this article, we will try to answer the questions “How much should I reserve for rent and other fixed expenses?”, “Should I get a job to get by?”, “Can I buy my Starbucks Caramel Macchiato every da...

The Ultimate Study in Canada Checklist (Arrival Edition)

After completing the seven crucial steps in our Pre-Arrival Checklist, you are ready to go! You have done the heavy lifting and have received your student permit, booked a flight towards Canada, and p...

Check Out Most Affordable Canadian Schools To Study Business Now

Bachelor's degrees in business are some of the top degrees among international students in Canada, but studying abroad can be expensive. Here are some recommended BBA and BCom programs based on your b...

Well-rounded Student Support at Cape Breton University

Read about the well-rounded student support at Cape Breton University.

4 Important Criteria When Choosing a School!

Don’t get stuck somewhere that doesn’t fit you — learn how to pick the right education! Here are four important criteria that you should consider before submitting your applications.

Explore the Various Possibilities of Your Future at Camosun Colle...

This article briefly introduces the various possibilities of studying at Camosun College.

Why Choose Camosun College?

Why choose Camosun College? Check this out!

Be an Environment and Sustainability Champion at Royal Roads Univ...

Explore the demand for environmental and sustainability practitioners and see the unique Environment and Sustainability programs offered by Royal Roads University that will help you succeed in this ch...

Mastering your Trade at College of New Caledonia

This article presents the demand in Skilled Trades and the various Trades Program that College of New Calendonia offers.

Holistic Learning at Regent Christian Academy

This article provides an overview of curricular, extra-curricular and holistic development opportunities for Regent Christian Academy students.

The Best of the Island Life at Royal Roads University

Find out the phenomenal study abroad experiences that await you when you choose to study at Royal Roads University in Greater Victoria, Vancouver Island.

Discovering the Pristine North at College of New Caledonia

When planning to study in Canada, students usually prioritize going to a college in populous cities like Toronto or Vancouver to have the fullest international student experience. However, there is so...