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Covid-19 Update: Ultimate Guidelines To Travel & Study In Austral...

Since the surge of the Covid-19 cases due to the Omicron variant this January, the Australian Government has laid out its latest travel guidelines for those who are to study in Australia this 2022.

Travel to Canada: Everything You Need to Know Now

The Government of Canada has updated its travel guidelines for international students who are planning to study in Canada. Although Canadian borders have reopened for international students since late...

2022 Update: What you need to know about English Tests

To the international students who are processing their admission to study abroad, here are the latest safety protocols implemented by testing centers of TOEFL, Duolingo, or IELTS exam.

Best Affordable Schools for Nursing in Canada (2022 Rankings)

Nursing courses in Canada are competitive worldwide when it comes to global ranking and quality of education. With any post-secondary international education, one of the main considerations would be...

The Truth: How An International Student Works In Canada

Following the first part of Cray, a Filipino international student featured in Studying in Canada: A Real Story of Filipino International Student, we are giving you Part 2 of his experiences as a youn...

The Best Reasons Why Study in Australia in 2022

Australia finally reopens its borders to international students after closing its borders last May 2021. It's time to revisit your plan to study in the "Land Down Under"!

What It's Like Studying In Canada - Proven By A Student

Find out why a promising young professional from the Philippines decided to study in Canada, jumping into a world of uncertainties.

Best Winning Tactics To Secure A Part-time Job In Canada

If you are one of the international students who opt to work part-time while studying, this is a great page for you!

The Truth About Working Part-time While Studying In Canada

Tuition fee, cost of living, and other expenses - Is having a part-time job as an international student really enough to live and study in Canada?

Make Your Way To Canada: What Everyone Should Know Now

If you are wondering how you could make your way to Canada, you have landed on the right page for the answer.

Make Your Canadian Dream Reality: A True Story

Harriette Laroco is a Filipina, born and raised in the Philippines. She moved to Canada in 2013 and is currently working in the Quality Control (QC) Lab as a Support Associate of an established Canadi...

Get Better At Earning Canadian Experience - Top Secrets For Stude...

As a new student coming to Canada, you're planning to earn Canadian experience while studying; but the question is how, when you don't have any working experience. We have some solutions!

Wanting To Migrate To Canada? Here Is My Honest Advice

“If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet.” - Rachel Wolchin I have been writing stories and articles for Global Study Guide, but finally, it is&nbsp...

How To Apply For PGWP Like A Pro - 2022 Update

Learn about the Post-Graduation Work Permit process and how it can support your student-to-Permanent Resident (PR) journey.

2 Simple Ways For Students To Earn In Canada

Learn about the ways international students can work and earn money while they are studying plus the list of popular jobs for international students.

The Ultimate Guide To Start Your Study In Canada - 2022 Updated

This three-step process will provide an overview of how to begin your study in Canada journey!

Know It All: Nursing In Canada And In The Philippines

Have a nursing background in the Philippines and want to know what it is like to be a nurse in Canada? This article will unpack the different aspects of practicing nursing in the Philippines and in Ca...

BICC Talent Scholarships 2021

Learn about the various Talent Scholarships offered by BICC and achieve your academic dreams while also honing your talents in one of the most prestigious high schools in Ontario.

BICC Academic Scholarship Policy 2021

Birmingham International Collegiate of Canada is proud to be one of the first prestigious Canadian education organizations providing scholarship award programs for excellent students all over the worl...

E-LEAD Resources: Student-to-Permanent Resident Pathway to Albert...

Interested to take the Student-to-Permanent Resident (PR) pathway to migrate to Canada? Read this article for the detailed steps to take, tips, and relevant links for application.