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Global Study Guide is a social network highly focused on resolving current and evolving stakeholder issues while providing a trustworthy, seamless, and transparent experience for international students, agents, and institutions.

As our corporate clients, you will easily find and then stay in touch with students who genuinely care about your program, and your recruitment efforts will be conducted with high levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

Just register an account, create your organization profile, and then launch both offline and online campaigns in just a few minutes. Happy recruitment!

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We are your first alliance
International recruitment is interesting but challenging. No matter if you are an agent or international school, finding a good partner is crucial for your success.

We help you connect with the right partner. Just register, save much of your time, and grow your brand with us.
We find you genuine students
International education is not just a business, it is a dream-building job. We understand that how to find genuine students is the most important thing in this industry.

Our social network is the place where genuine students are gathering. Register here and touch base with them in a click.
We connect you with the best partners
This social network is accessible for everyone, but it is working basing on a rating base model. It means that we index only appropriate schools and agents.

We are performing strict due diligence to bring you all the best connections.
We are your dedicated team
We understand that there are lots of steps to take during your recruitment, such as marketing, training, operating, following-up students, customer service, etc.

Our smart CRM and lots of other features will handle everything for you. Just focus on your consulting job, which you do best, we will help you handle the time-consuming things.
We care about your success
As your first partner, we care about your performance and success more than anything else.

We do not offer an intermediate service and get some sort of commission. We offer support to boost your business to the next level.
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